Our Team Members

Our expert team provides effective and sustainable sales solutions for your business


Craig Middleton

Senior Sales Manager - UK/Europe & North America

Has worked in marketing, recruitment and publishing across event sponsorship and subscription sales. Loves billing.


Derek Wood

Sales Executive - UK

The most experienced member of staff, having managed sales teams around the world.


Georgia Coxall

Sales Executive - UK

You want a problem fixing? You need a tricky campaign managing? Here’s your answer.


Robert Nichols

Senior Sales Manager - Asia

The best all-rounder we have. Based in Asia, Rob is also an excellent DJ on the side.


Crispin McCutcheon

Sales Manager - Global

Heading up a start-up business, and flying, Crispin is one of our next superstars in the making.


Derrick Allott

Head of Terminal Sales - Global

“The closer” moved up from Cornwall to manage the largest Global account. Not one to give up or back down.


Louis Bernard

Sales Manager - UK/Europe & North America

A background in tax, accountancy and sales, one of our next superstars in the making.


Toby Miles

Head of Research - Global

Has used his vast skills as a professional actor to his advantage: now pulling in names from all corners of the earth!


Daniel Bashford

Senior Sales Manager - Key Accounts UK

Our go-to guy. Daniel was Voted nicest office member three years running - what’s not to like!


Gary Bernard

Business Development Manager

30+ years working in sales environments, extensive experience in publishing, across every business sector known to man.


Maria Bernard

Sales Director

Hands-on senior executive working in aviation & minerals, alongside running the business & looking after her family!